WHAT DO THEY SAY/Que dicen ellas y ellos

I created art with Karolina for several years. The way I see art, the way I approach the world is brighter because of my time with her. She created a safe environment and she taught me to look at things differently and see the beauty in ordinary things. She instilled in me a sense of confidence and a sense of pride in the art I created.

These sessions are... "A beautifully subtle way to release emotions and escape from the chaos through creativity"  

I had the immense pleasure of experiencing 3 art therapy sessions with Karo. I was open to digging deep and healing some old wounds but had no idea I would be able to access this healing so easily and so profoundly through art therapy.
Karo's approach is so subtle that it felt she was almost absent and yet I felt guided, safe and protected throughout my sessions and supported during the time between sessions when the effects of the art therapy settled and were absorbed.
I felt able to express myself completely, to an end that I never expected. Despite working together online, I am certain there was no loss of quality or connection with Karo. In fact a part of me feels perhaps this distance allowed me to be as expressive as I was, allowing the intensity of the session to be so limitless.
I have and will continue to recommend Karo's art therapy sessions. To those that may be sceptics to this form of therapy I say "give it a try", you will be surprised.
I look forward to working with Karo in the future.

My daughter took group art lessons from Karolina when she was between 5-9 years old, she is 22 now. My daughter has a very strong sense of self and an ability to create art effortlessly which I attribute to Karo.
The group of ten children felt safe and loved when with her after school.
While they were creating art they were also creating positive self images and positive self-esteem. They learned many important lessons about artists, recycling for our planet, practicing kindness and how to listen to their own internal voices. Thank you Karolina.

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